Working on the Memories Project

Marie Brøndgaard has been working with a fantastic group of volunteers who have digitalised, archived and safeguarded the photos, documents and objects from the building. All of these are now available to be accessed by the general public through Glamorgan Archives. As part of the project, the team have spoken to many people who have used the YMCA in one way or another – people who have shared tales of love, adventure, safety and education. Some people have even suggested that the parties could be a bit wild; unauthorised alcohol was brought and one lady said: “I could name one or two who might have been conceived in the YMCA!”

The YMCA building is a landmark building in its own right and most people from the area will know where it is, even if it has been more or less derelict since the end of 2015. If walls could speak, this building would tell secrets and stories from a public building that has served the community through good times and bad times, through times of war, mining successes, strikes and the end of the mines, through societal changes, deprivation and hopeful times in which the YMCA is to be renewed; not only architecturally but also in spirit. The new building will be fuelled by the legacy in order to continue to create a great and inclusive venue for sports, arts and the community.

Please do watch the videos, animations and listen to the oral stories in the memories section, to hear some of these amazing stories from the YMCA’s past.